Usolicare Consultations

Focus: Depends on your goals, but Dr. Thomas uses an integrative approach, nutritional and lifestyle analysis, coaching, some herbs and supplement recommendations (depending on medication use and interactions), dietary and movement modifications, Infrared lamp (pain relief), specific massage techniques, hydrotherapy (wonderpaks), mindful eating, and meditation and yoga interventions to assist you in reaching your health goals and reaching your optimal health. Discover what is possible- schedule your first visit now on Schedule an Appt via Calendly!

Not included: What is not included in her service, but could be part of consultation is recommendations to chiropractic, physical therapy, joint injections, controlled substances, medicinal marijuana, ketamine, full body massage, or ayurveda. Perhaps in the future but no pap smears or cultures at this time.

1st visit: Telemedicine- initial new patient visit and intake. Client should share medical records, supplements and any recent labs or imaging (up to 2 years) or labs and imaging will be ordered.

2nd visit: In person- review results, have physical exam as needed/desired. Create an Individualized Optimal Health Plan.

3rd visit: follow up consultations and coaching as desired. Online or in-person.

Additional consultations: month to month or as needed online or in-person; no contract, no obligation to continue.

Group Visits: as available and makes sense to your individual plan.

Payments made by clicking the “Buy Now” link below prior to appointment preferred or immediately post appointment. If payment is not made, no future visits will be honored.

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