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Meet Intern Sarah Mohammed

Sarah Mohammed is an intern and has contributed to the development of the refurbished usolicare website. In her free time, Sarah enjoys crocheting, listening to music, and time with friends. She aspires to become a pediatrician, inspired by her love of children, fascination with science subjects, and her mom’s health profession.

Meet Owner Udaya Thomas

Dr. Annamma Udaya Thomas, PhD, MSN, MPH, APRN, aka “Dr. Sunday” is the owner/founder of Usolicare, LLC. Dr. Thomas is an autonomous primary care board-certified integrative nurse practitioner (NP) in adult primary care with over two decades of experience in Nursing, Community and Public Health teaching and training. She holds an independent license and does not need a collaborating physician. However, she consults other professionals as needed to offer you comprehensive and holistic care.

Learn about the value of Integrative Group Visits with this video by Dr. Thomas

Usolicare Owner & Practitioner:

Annamma Udaya Thomas, PhD, MSN, APRN


Usolicare Intern: Sarah Mohammed